Ottawa to Hamilton

Three weeks, 21 days, over 650km, from Ottawa all the way back to Hamilton, Frederick and the team made it!

Frederick and his wife embrace each other tightly after a long challenging time apart.

It’s been a journey of strength, tenacity, growth, compassion and relationship building, not only between the Run for Youth team, but all of the people that they met on the journey home.

Frederick was so happy to make it back to his hometown of Hamilton,Ontario on Friday, November 4th at the Liberty for Youth building. Frederick and the Run for Youth team were greeted by many supporters like the Mayor of Hamilton, Fred Eisenburger, RBC branches from Burlington to Hamilton, the Chief of Police and of course his loving wife,Tanya and their 3 boys.

We know that we could not have done this without the support of so many people, too many to mention here, however, we would like to recognize you all, you know who you are and we will ever be so grateful. You helped us complete this victorious marathon and because of that many young lives will be changed today and tomorrow.

We love the youth in our city and those beyond and we want everyone to know that this campaign had everything to do with them and for them.

The Run for Youth campaign will be the first of many to come, maybe not in such magnitude but we will not stop running in order to bring change that needs to take place and the best part is, our youth will be the next runners leading the race.

Frederick passes on this torch and now challenges every young person to meet the challenges that life will throw them with courage, determination, strength and fortitude!

Laurie Davidson(RBC-RVP)left,
Frederick Dryden, George
VanKempen, Louis and Mayor
Fred Eisenburger. The Mayor
an award of excellence to each
participant of the Run for
Youth team and recognizes RBC
for their long standing support
and contributions to Liberty
for Youth.
Liquid nutrition of Oakville proudly donated some great drinks and snacks to encourage recovery and give energy for the remainder of the run. Thank you We really appreciated the extra boost, they were delicious!
An amazing time meeting with former Oakville Mayor, Anne Muvale. Her words were so encouraging and heart felt. Thank you for the warm greeting.
A great opportunity to meet these two loving Police Officers, Jeff & Kate on our way to John Knox School in Brampton.They are part of a newer community outreach program. We had to give them each a MVP award to recognize the difference they are making in their community.
Frederick and the team just arriving to Parkdale and King Street in Hamilton,Ontario. Frederick’s total run was 696.5km!!
Frederick and the Run for Team run 10km
together at the Road2Hope Marathon
in Hamilton, Ontario. Esther and Gord
Pauls from Runner’s Den were so
amazing to support the Run for
Youth campaign the whole journey
through. We are forever grateful!
Gord Pauls congratulates Frederick on his 10km finish at the Road2Hope.
Supporters, Donors, Board members and
others roll up their sleeves to join the
cause and Run for Youth!
MP Filomena Tassi joins Frederick and runs to support Run the Youth at the Road2Hope.
Two Old Navy staff from Limeridge Mall, join the Road2Hope to run the 5km in support of the Run for Youth.

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