The 650km Legacy continues with the Run with Frederick Annual Marathon

Frederick Dryden’s vision was just the beginning.  

“Youth need us, I never want to turn away a youth” – Frederick Dryden

In 2016 Frederick kicked off a three year Campaign for at risk youth. It started with a vision to bring awareness of the challenges at risk youth face. It would take a 696.5KM run from Ottawa, Ontario all the way back to Hamilton, Ontario in only 21 days. This also included 72 speaking engagements and a lot of physical pain.

Liberty for Youth, a charitable non-profit organization was founded in 2003 out of the basement of  Frederick and his wife’s home. Frederick always knew that he would do something to help young people as he knew the challenges of navigating through life as a youth. One thing people learn about Frederick when they first meet him is his passion and heart for young people, especially those in crisis or conflict with the law. Liberty for Youth has been evolving for over 13 years now thanks to the integral partnerships and donors who have invested their time and resources. In 2013 and 2015, Liberty for Youth loss two young lives, it was after this that Frederick’s passion and vision shifted and he knew something had to change, something big had to be done in order to create the sustainability to programming for our youth and hence the vision of his 696.5KM Run from Ottawa-Hamilton in 2016.

These youth were beyond our reach and effectiveness due to lack of funding and programming. Frederick determined in his heart he would never have to turn away a youth again.

Now, one year later after his run from Ottawa, Frederick decided to continue this effort by starting an Annual “Run With Frederick” where others can join him on a 5KM or 10KM walk or run to help support our youth.  This year was our first Annual run and it was a great success with over 160 participants and raising over $25,000.

If you are interested in participating in our 2018 Run with Frederick, you can register on this page.


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Campaign Members


Ron Foxcroft, Honorary Campaign Chair

CEO of Fox 40 International and Fluke Transportation Group

“Liberty For Youth is a unique, and essential organization to mentor and guide our most “at-risk youth”. Our youth are the future for our country, and Liberty For Youth have a successful history of guiding our future leaders down the path of opportunity. The management at Liberty For Youth is fiscally responsible, and combines this with passion and commitment to be successful. It is important to support this organization as it is a jewel not only in Hamilton, but is a benchmark for success across this entire country.”

Sharon Clark, Campaign Chair

Corporate Service Manager, Hamilton Port Authority

“Liberty For Youth is a remarkable organization, and a vital asset in our community. By engaging directly with young people at pivotal moments in their lives, Liberty For Youth helps turn these young lives around by providing the support they need. Frederick Dryden, founder of LFY, is an asset to the Hamilton community. He is genuine, passionate and an inspirational leader. The opportunity he sees in the young people, and for helping them succeed is infectious. The Hamilton Port Authority is proud to be a partner with this fantastic organization and to support their mission to provide alternatives for youth who are influenced by a negative environment, and to inspire them to make positive decisions.”

Sharon Toreja-Benito, R.N., BScN, Campaign Managers

Case Manager, HNHB, CCAC

Kenneth Benito

Insurance Agent – Cayuga Mutual

“We would have never thought five years ago while sitting at a dinner which we were invited to by friends that Fredrick and Liberty For Youth would have touched us so deeply, just by listening to the different troubled and at risk youth in our community, and how they had to struggle to overcome peer and environmental pressures. Now along with the help and guidance of Fredrick and Liberty For Youth these same youths are wanting to make a positive changes in their lives. In our time with the capital campaign committee we have been able to experience working with the Liberty For Youth staff and volunteers and watch as they not only restore faith, and belief but empower today’s youth.”

Const. Jack VanderPol

Hamilton Police Services

“Over the past 10 years I have been involved with Liberty For Youth and have an opportunity to see first hand the positive experiences it has provided for youth. As a result of this program more youth have been provided with assistance to help them be successful in future life endeavours. Without this program a lot of today’s youth would have no one to turn for guidance and assistance.”


Keanin Loomis

President, CEO – Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

“I’ve been a huge fan of Liberty For Youth since the very first day I met its Executive Director, Frederick Dryden. I embraced the fact that LFY was different than other service organizations in that there was an “entrepreneur” behind it that had the same challenges as the youth he now serves. I support LFY because it is built on experience, empathy, personal passion and, born out of that, a total commitment to turning around the lives of young people. But, most important, I support LFY because it has demonstrated great effectiveness in its mission – the stories of the kids speak for themselves. And they are beautiful.”

Patrick J. Daly

Trustee & Chairperson, Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

“Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic schools are, and have always been, places where ‘Each Belongs.’ Our role as Catholic educators is to provide opportunities for all students to achieve to the best of their abilities. That means not only providing a range of programs and services for the children and youth we serve, but also second, third and as many chances as it takes for our young people to find their way. It’s a philosophy and practice that Liberty for Youth also shares. Thank you for ensuring that ‘each belongs’ and for the important work you do to provide those important second chances in life.”

Michelle Bailey

Founder, President & CEO – Blazing the Agency

“In the four years that I have sponsored Liberty For Youth, I am continually amazed that so little can accomplish so much. Leading the charge is a humble humanitarian, Frederick Dryden, making a huge difference in the lives of at-risk youth. With incredible enthusiasm and passion for youth, Frederick goes above and beyond in moving people, corporations and politicians to recognize that changing the lives of our young people allows a brighter future for all. When a life is changed for the better, magic happens and it resonates like a ripple in the water… ever moving outward, touching other people.”

Patrick Bailey

University of Western Ontario Graduate

Patrick has been in the group benefits industry for over 25 years. After several years as a successful benefit consultant, Patrick founded Baicorp Financial in 1989 with a focus on providing value to all current and potential Baicorp clients.In 1996, Patrick founded BaiTrak Benefit Administrators to provide a central point of contact for the HR Departments of clients who elect to take advantage of a multi-carrier benefit program. I have a passion to help youths in need, I have been coaching sports (Hockey and Box Lacrosse) for years with youths and young adults. I enjoyed helping many a young person by providing unconditional moral support, training and in developing their skills and even mentoring them. It is with pleasure that I am involved with Liberty for Youth for Frederick’s passion and dedication towards the youths he helps is  infectious and I admire the positive way he has influenced the youth and if I can help just one that would be would be rewarding and I look forward to helping support Liberty for Youth.

Randy Reeve

Rotarian, Retired Software Entrepreneur

Frederick Dryden epitomizes Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self. Frederick’s Run For Youth from Ottawa to Hamilton is a highly commendable and very substantial undertaking. Preparing  for the run is extremely time-consuming, and is both physically and mentally exhausting. While training, Frederick still directs staff, mentors youth and raises a family of four. During the grueling run of a marathon a day from Ottawa to Hamilton, Frederick will take the time to speak at Rotary clubs, youth detention facilities, schools and other community events to promote youth programming. I am honoured to help Frederick reach his goals for the Run For Youth.

Tom Palisak

Branch Manager – RBC Royal Bank

Tom leads and partners with a team of 15 individuals to run one of the Hamilton Markets largest locations. His passion has always been helping others thru leading and coaching his staff to help there customers reach there financial goals and needs. Tom has been a supporter of Liberty For Youth since it inception and is privileged to be a part of there board for this stage of its growth.


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