Youth Ambassador, Shamika for Run with Frederick 2017

Shamika, Youth participant in Bright Choices Program(Liberty for Youth)as Ambassador for the Run with Frederick 2017.

Liberty for Youth has a Youth Ambassador this year in our Run with Frederick 2017 Marathon at the Road2Hope.

The Run with Frederick is fast approaching and we decided to have a Liberty for Youth team to run in the marathon. We also wanted to have an Youth Ambassador to lead the youth team.

We are so excited to introduce Shamika, a youth participant in our Bright Choices Program for females as our Ambassador.

We were so happy to have met Shamika and have her  join us at Liberty for Youth in 2016.

In July 2016, Shamika took part in a Welding Camp program held by the Canadian Welding Association in Milton, Ontario. Shamika naturally being artistic and creative enjoyed the program and had the opportunity to showcase her talent.

Shamika has a lot to be proud of as well as she recently graduated with her High school Diploma this past June. Many of us can remember those high school years and the challenges it came with, so we couldn’t be more proud of her.

So when Shamika is not at Liberty for Youth hanging out with the girls what does she like to do? She shared that some of her hobbies include watching Netflix, drawing/sketching, doing crafts, hiking and listening to different kinds of music.

    Shamika’s artwork

When it comes to running, Shamika will admit that it is not on her hobbie or activity list, however, when she showed up to our Training Camp on Saturday, July 8th, we knew Shamika had something special to lead the youth team. She was determined to participate in the 5KM trail with the other runners.

This year we want all fitness backgrounds from beginners to advanced runners/walkers to join us. Our message and goal for the run this year is first “hope” to the youth in our community and second, vitality to every individual in our communities. Being healthy means being strong, being focused, and being better all around in every area of our lives.

We look forward to Shamika’ success in this marathon as not only the Ambassador but as a runner in her very first marathon. As well we will continue to cheer her on in her future success in her preferred choice of career which she says in the “arts” career field.





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